Unlocking the future for Superfast Global Internet in the Philippines with Centauri

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$2 Million USD investment from Globe Telecom subsidiary Kickstart Ventures under Ayala Corporation’s venture funds was closed by Transcelestial, Friday, February 19, 2021 with an investment theme “The Frictionless Future” to solve the global bottlenecks in internet distribution here in the Philippines.

Transcelestial is a Singapore based company building the future for Superfast Global Internet Distribution with the use of space laser network to deliver a step – change connectivity of internet globally. On the ground, they are using the same technology as fiber optics with a much lower TCO for telco and enterprises. Through Centauri, Transcelestial’s mass-produced network device which leverages their propriety Wireless Laser Communication Technology, it will create a wireless distribution network between buildings, traditional cell towers, street-level poles and other physical infrastructure to provide solution in challenges which involves high capital expenditures and delays due to right-of-way issues.


As more Filipinos become reliant on internet access for their livelihood and social connections during Covid-19, Transcelestial will help increase internet penetration and provide telco, Enterprises, government and ISP’s with an affordable option for 5G deployment. How Transcelestial will help them bridge this shortfall are as follows:

For Telco:

Transcelestial’s Centauri technology unlocks fiber-equivalent high bandwidth between 4G/5G cell towers and the telecom core network which connects back to their data center. There will be no spectrum charges and no extra digging costs for laying fiber cables which can get to 5G revenues faster by rolling out a transmission network with a reduced total cost and time of ownership as compared to fiber.

For ISPs:

Centauri technology allows you to bypass the expensive fiber optics costs to customer buildings and premises to deliver the best low latency and highest speed distribution. This allows you to focus on your niche faster whether it’s supporting gamers, bringing connectivity to the underprivileged or getting enterprises connected to the cloud.

For Enterprises:

Centauri technology will deliver best experience at a more affordable cost to your business in the difficult Covid-19 period.


For Government:

Centauri technology helps the government bring low-cost ultra-high in speed audiovisual and data capabilities to schools, hospitals, government offices and population centers far away from Tier 1 cities. In the long term, Transcelestial would like to work with the government in using their upcoming ultra-high speed satellite based constellation to establish an ultra-high speed data highway with the rest of the world.


Source: Transcelestial Press Release Media Kit


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