Julie’s Bakeshop 40th year strong message to “Aunt Shamers” out there

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A recent ad from Julies Bakeshop went viral that gives mixed reactions and comments to Netizens as they celebrate their 40th year this 2021. They surprised their fans with the one-of-a-kind online ad titled “StopTitaShaming.” The said ad serves as a reminder to everyone that being 40 and a “Tita” should not be a cause for ridicule or stereotyping.

This may not be the Julie’s Bakeshop we used to know that brings to mind images of the quiet, kind, and unwavering type of tita who always wants to feed you but a tita who want Pinoy titos and titas to embrace their age and prove the Aunt/Uncle Shamers that they are wrong with the help of the crazy and intelligent minds of GIGIL ad agency. And if you’re familiar with the viral ad of RC Cola that was released during last quarter of 2020, it was GIGIL who created that outlandish commercial. For them, they want millennials and Gen Z to rediscover their love on their brand and they need to cut through the noise online. That makes GIGIL known in their uniqueness in making viral commercials.

The real Tita Julie just turned 89 and still strong not one to mess with. The story starts with the real Tita Julie herself, the Founder, Mrs. Julie Gandionco. Below shows the frame-by-frame analysis of the said viral ad.


It starts off in a small gym where some dude has decided to heckle some titas. PHOTO BY FACEBOOK / JULIE’S BAKESHOP


The titas remain totally unbothered by the dude’s low-effort grade school-level barbs, though. Possibly because their awesome ’80s get-up acts as a force field from stupidity. PHOTO BY FACEBOOK / JULIE’S BAKESHOP


Is it just us or does this dude’s abs look painted on? PHOTO BY FACEBOOK / JULIE’S BAKESHOP


The titas, still unbothered, return to checking their glorious selves out while exercising. PHOTO BY FACEBOOK / JULIE’S BAKESHOP


And that’s when Tita Julie steps out of nowhere—and the true horror begins. PHOTO BY FACEBOOK / JULIE’S BAKESHOP


Tita Julie starts to literally knead the guy who literally turns into dough under her magic hands. Or maybe he really was just dough this whole time? PHOTO BY FACEBOOK / JULIE’S BAKESHOP


Honestly, why is no one screaming? Freaking out? How come his shorts aren’t also dough? Where did Tita Julie come from? PHOTO BY FACEBOOK / JULIE’S BAKESHOP


Oh no, oh no, the dough is sentient! Well, sentient enough to come up with some pathetic insults, at least. PHOTO BY FACEBOOK / JULIE’S BAKESHOP


And an attendant rolls in an oven because it just makes sense at this point. PHOTO BY FACEBOOK / JULIE’S BAKESHOP


Can it get any worse than this dude spending its last dough moments trying to shame the titas? PHOTO BY FACEBOOK / JULIE’S BAKESHOP




Awkward silence as they wait for the dude to become pan de sal.  PHOTO BY FACEBOOK / JULIE’S BAKESHOP


Ding! Tita Julie finishes off her baking with a lesson worth remembering. No to tita shaming! PHOTO BY FACEBOOK / JULIE’S BAKESHOP


Note the gym-goers silently enjoying the dude-slash-pan de sal. And remember, “Tita Julie lang malakas,” so don’t try anything that just happened in this commercial at home. Seriously. (Well, except the exercising part.) PHOTO BY FACEBOOK / JULIE’S BAKESHOP


Netizens reactions:

Some found it “cringy” and “weird” while contemplating if they will ever want to eat another piece of bread from Julie’s Bakeshop after seeing what happened to the guy who was turned into pieces of pandesal after he tita-shamed the two female gym goers in their 40s.

Some of the netizens comments:

“This is darker, madder than Donny Darko.”

“Natakot tuloy ako sa pandesal ng Julies,” by @BTSPhotoThread.

“Nauna na yung panulak, heto na ang pambara. Hahaha!” from Kyle Edward Bilason (@bilason_kyle).

“Alam niyo, ‘di ko na rin alam ang trip ng brands these days. Julie’s Bakeshop, baka hindi ako makatulog tonight.”

“.. wala akong masabi.”

“Hindi ko sure kung idadagdag ko ito sa mga kailangang pag-isipan mamayang anxiety hours ko o itutulog ko na lang.”