DENSO launches New Media Website: The COREs

Motoring Special

On July 2, 2021, DENSO CORPORATION launched its new online media website “The COREs”.

DENSO is the world’s second-largest mega supplier of automotive components. Today’s vehicle systems are undergoing a major transformation, growing increasingly complex as automated driving, connected technologies, electric vehicle technologies and other innovations spread. DENSO creates and delivers such systems to automakers, and, with an eye to the future, is developing ever-more sophisticated software.

As CASE (connected, autonomous, shared and electric) technologies spread and advance in today’s world, automobiles are undergoing a transformation into a more complex, larger-scale combined system. Furthermore, cars are becoming interconnected with the rest of society, raising their contribution to the mobility-centered society as a whole.

“The COREs”:

Through the new media website “The COREs”, DENSO aims to communicate with this emerging mobility-centered society, providing information on its technologies, software solutions, and the working styles of the many engineers behind DENSO’s operations.

DENSO is using this online media to convey its “COREs” to as many people as possible, thus transforming ideas into tangible reality while also setting new standards.

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